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Tracy Herbert

Media Appearances

  • Tracy Herbert has had many TV appearances across the country. Many during her solo continuous 3,527-mile bicycle ride ending on the Dr. Oz Show. Here expertise on health and diabetes has also brought her much media attention. Here we share many of Tracy's media appearances. 


  • Tracy is the standout. She's the top expert in her field, and she's an amazing speaker. ~ Clint A.

    An inspiring speaker with a great story of survival. Study, read, learn and decide for yourself what is best for you. This lady has lived it! ~ Judy R.

    Tracy's positive spirit inspires you and demonstrates that with the right mindset you can do anything. ~ Crystal W..

    I was inspired and motivated by Tracy because no matter what you have going on, you can do something little every day to reach a goal and to better yourself. ~ Samantha G.

    When speaking to my women’s church group, Tracy was our instant friend; compassionate, enthusiastic and inspiring, as many of us discussed being more intentional with our diet and exercise. Her people-loving, positive attitude motivates and encourages her listeners to set goals and follow their dreams. ~ Dana T.

    I loved Tracy's enthusiasm and passion for helping others. She was so inspiring on how to deal with any struggle.~ S. F.